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Lust Unleashed  - Desiree Holt

Lust Unleashed is the first book in the Night Seekers series by Desiree Holt. I was looking forward to reading this book when I requested it from NetGalley bc I've read other books from the Ellora's Cave publishers. This book did not disappoint! Jonah Grey is the main male who is hunting a "devil animal" called the chupacabra that killed his fiancé. Jonah also happens to be a shifter that shifts into a wolf. WHile Jonah is in his wolf form looking for clues in the woods he comes across a cabin with a woman who's living there. Dakota the main woman in the book lives in that cabin. She's part Native American & she lives in isolation bc the towns people are weary of her and find her strange bc of her heritage. Jonah & Dakota end up running into each other and BOOM chemistry happens!
These 2 literally have sex for about 75% of the book! Thigh clenching, wicked hot sex! The other 25% of the book was little plot about the chupacabra and was in his pov. I could've done without the chupacabra's pov. I found it unnecessary. Jonah & Dakota didn't have much dialogue either. Unless it was when they were having sex or if they weren't having sex they talked about how they couldn't wait to go to funkytown with each other!
This book is a quick read that you could finish in a day or 2 without interuption. I did like this book and will continue with the series!