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I have to start off by saying that I have a love hate relationship with this book. I loved the storyline and where the author took it. I also really liked the 2 main characters Dani & Xane. At times though I wanted to slap the shit out of them & knock some sense into these two. They lived in a fantasy land where they ran away from their problems. Also, the insta love connection was a little to much for me considering what just happened to Xane. Besides that and the WTF cliffie ending, I really enjoyed this book. It also doesn't hurt that theres a ton of HOT sex between these two! Like, slip off your chair HOT sex! Xane knows how to fuck and he fucks good and hard! 
Xane is the lead singer for a gothic rock band named Black Halo. He's had it with his band, the members' and how they treat him. He ends up quitting the band in the middle of a concert after finding something out that involves his best friend (who's also a band member) and the girl he'd had a thing with (who happens to be in the band also). As he's walking off the stage he runs into Dani who stole a backstage pass to get in. Xane just needs to get out the concert venue & away from his band mates so he tells Dani to drive him home. 
Dani our heroine got on my nerves a little bit. She grew up in an extremely religious woman's commune with her mother. They didn't treat her very well while she was there yet, she feels some obligation to them since her mother still lives there. She would sit in her closet & listen to Black Halo to help her get through the rough times & she could relate to the lyrics of the songs as Xane sang them. So when she met him backstage she could relate to him and saw him as kindred spirit. 
That brings us to Xane & Dani as a couple. These 2 fell for each other fast and hard. Like 3 days of being with one another fast. Which I get how she falls for him but, he literally just got out of this weird relationship that has left him completely wrecked and broken. Can you really fall in love with someone that quickly after being that hurt? That was the only major thing I had a problem with. With that said, I did like them together. Dani saw Xane the person not the rock persona and she could see through all his hurt and all of his crap. They help each other get through some issues that are plaguing them & Xane is helping her get through some of her fears. Fears and issues that led her & her mother to that commune. I can't wait to read the 2nd book and to see where it's going.   
*thanks to netgalley & HarperCollins for the arc*