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Yeah...this book was not good. Which really sucks because after reading the summary it sounded like it was going to be awesome. It wasn't awesome, it was awful. Really fucking awful. I knew after the first chapter that I didn't like this book. I should've just stopped at that point but, I thought maybe it would get better if I read more than 1 chapter. There was nothing I liked in this book. It was like watching a train wreck that you can't look away from. It wan't even sexy or hot like you'd expect. The hero, Hunter West was a fucking idiot who I wished herpes upon while the heroine, Elizabeth 'Libby' was a stupid, naive embarrassment. I wanted to push these 2 in front of a moving train for being so dumb. 

The notorious playboy Hunter West is heir to a whiskey empire as well as a professional poker player in Vegas. He lives life in the fast lane doing blow, drinking, and always going to the brothel his best friend owns. But, that hasn't been doing it for him lately. He's bored with his extremely extravagant lifestyle. He also has major daddy issues. 

Elizabeth DeVille is heir to a bottled water empire (really? bottled water?) but she's completely broke due to her mother being in and out of rehab (she also has wicked daddy issues). Her bff (who I forget his name bc this book was that good) was in a motorcycle accident. In order to pay for his medical bill's she decides to sell her virginity to the highest bidder. Of course smart girl uses the brothel that Hunter's friend owns so, I'm sure you can guess who buy's her virginity. If you guessed Hunter West then you are correct! He bought her for the low price of a whopping 10 million dollars. 

Fast forward to when they do finally have sex (bc it didn't happen the night he bought her) it was so god awful and SO boring! The build up & sexual tension with these two was more exciting than the actual sex. When they did finally fuck and she lost her v-card it was so lackluster and maybe only a few paragraphs long & it didn't happen till like 80% into the book. I was pissed! The sex in this book was void of sex! Which for a supposedly erotic book, sucks. There is a porn star that Hunter fucks in this book (a lot) bc she's blackmailing him and even that was brushed over. This book does have a whodunit, murder of an escort, blackmailing, storyline that I found to be less than entertaining. 

*thanks to netgalley & indie inked*