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I consider myself to be a professional reader that can sometimes be a bit snarky. I'm a tattoo'd, yoga pants wearing, mom of 2 boys.

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Heartbitten (A New Adult Vampire Romance Novel) - Aubrey Rose
review I couldn't even finish this book it was so bad. There were way way way to many similarities to Twilight & Fifty Shades of Grey. Yes, it's about a billionaire, playboy, vampire (Robb) who can walk in the sun & falls in love with the clumsy, virgin, college student (Liz) who has a bit of snark in her. This book is not only wicked boring, there's way to much medical jargon talk, and it reads like fanfiction. In fact I've read better fanfiction. Also, there's no sexy times (I only read up to 50% so take that as you will)