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Roman & ashley have made it to Georgia & they've made it to Mitzie (Ashley's grandmothers BFF). While stuck there for the time being, Roman gets to experience the hippie commune lifestyle the first night there. Drum circle, hearing people have sex, & alligators included. Ashley is hoping that Mitzie might be able to help her think of a plan to sway Roman from knocking down Sunnyvale. They do come up with a plan but, Ashley starts to feel bad for Roman & how she's been treating him. She convinces him to take a 2 week road trip (that she dubs 'Roman holiday') across the country so he can meet the people that make Sunnyvale her home. She hopes with that, it'll be enough to change his mind.

While at Mitzi's hippie commune Roman & Ashley begin to think differently about one another. Roman seems like some of his walls are starting to break down. He doesn't want to be thinking about Ashley let alone start liking her but, he's slowly starting to. Ashley knows there's more to Roman than he lets on. She see's past the controlled exterior that he portrays. 

In this episode we were introduced to Carmen. Romans so called girlfriend. While she's assessing the damage done to Sunnyvale from the hurricane she meets Noah. He's Romans right hand guy when it comes to construction. When Noah's asks Carmen about Roman, she doesn't call him her boyfriend or anything. She basically makes him out to be nothing to her even though they've been w/each other for a year. Why? because when Carmen first sees Noah she feels something for him. She's attracted to him & she can't explain why. Hmm....that'll be interesting to see how that plays out!