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Holy Crap that was wicked bad. How do you write a review about a book that barely had any dialogue, no character development or emotional growth & had nothing but sex. Literally, 99.99% of this book was just sex. I found myself skipping over some of the sex because it became to much & at times was just utterly disgusting (read my comments on goodresds if you want to know why), over the top, ridiculousness, that I found myself rolling my eyes thinking 'ugh sex, again'. I mean, how was this girl walking with all the sex she was having. Especially where she was a virgin she should've been wicked sore. Not only was there nothing but sex, but the tiny bit of dialogue this book did have had the characters falling in love w/in a day of meeting each other. Really? REALLY? Yeah, this was just so bad all around. I do not recommend this book.