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Waffling between 4 & 5 stars so, I'll give it 4.5 stars. This was a super cute, well written book. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. It's one of those books that once you start reading you get hooked & sucked in. The storyline was really good & all the characters were likable. There was some really funny moments in this book as well as some really sweet, swoony, & emotional parts too. This book was more than just a romance book. There was some delicate issues that the heroine Chrissy had to deal with but, that wasn't the main focal point of the book so I liked that. At the same time the author didn't pussy foot around the subject matter either. It was just really well written.

Chrissy the heroine, is back in her small town after not being there for a long time. She left right after high school for college and became a doctor. She's back now though to bail her brother out of jail. She decides to stay in town to help him & to try to keep him out of more trouble & to convince him to stop cage fighting. What she didn't expect was falling for Jack. Not only her childhood friend but, also her brothers best friend.

Jack is a local cop and sometimes cage fighter. While Chrissy is upset at Slade (her brother) he let's her stay at his house (which is right across the street from Slade). While staying their, Jack & Chrissy get reacquainted and he helps her find herself again. He also helps her see and understand the world of cage fighting. Especially where her brother is concerned. 

The chemistry between Jack & Chrissy was natural and didn't seem forced. Chrissy was a heroine that I really enjoyed reading about. I didn't get annoyed with her. She stood her ground, was independent and was able to think for herself. Jack at the same time was an understanding guy. He wasn't a jerk. He was sweet, sexy, swoony, and treated Chrissy with respect. I think I liked these 2 together so much was because they were friends for a long time first. 

Like I said this book was a pleasure to read. I read hope there's more books to come. I'd love to read more in some of the other characters!