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This book was a little up & down for me. The beginning started off a little on the slow side for me then BAM...I got sucked in and couldn't stop reading. Z is one Hot as Hell snowboarder.

Shredded revolves around a professional snowboarder named Z who comes from a troubled past. He lives life in the fast lane and doesn't care about the repercussions. He's a pot smoking, booze swindling, manwhore womanizer. That all changes though the moment he meets Ophelia. She see's right through him & she knows about his reputation of "fuck em & leave em' when it comes to women. So she does her best to put him in his place & call him out on his shit. Which only makes Z want her even more. 

Ophelia moved to the ski resort her Aunt & Uncle own to get away from her past. She was involved in a major accident thats left her scarred & traumatized. When she meets Z she knows how he is so she makes him work for it. The only problem is, the more she gets to know him she gets to see the real Z. She knows there's so much more to him than how his reputation perceives him. 

This book was actually really good. I really enjoyed reading it and loved that it revolved around snowboarding. It's not something I've read before in this genre. There was also some wicked hot scenes between Z & Ophelia. Reading other book by this author I knew I wasn't going to be let down in the sex department. My only really small issue's I had with this book was the ages of the characters & how we never find our Z's full name. The way they were written I felt like they should've been older. Also, the insta-love. I'm not a huge fan of the whole "let's say I love you after only 3 days of meeting." With that said, it kinda worked for this story & these characters. Other than that though I really enjoyed this story.

There is a big cliffie at the end of the book but, it doesn't involve Z & Ophelia. It does involve one of the secondary characters in the book, Luc who's Z's best friend. Will I continue with this series, yes. I'm actually looking forward to reading Luc's story & seeing more of Cam & Ash. This is the second book I've read by this author and I haven't been disappointed yet.