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I consider myself to be a professional reader that can sometimes be a bit snarky. I'm a tattoo'd, yoga pants wearing, mom of 2 boys.

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Summer Sins - Kathy Kulig

Emma Fallon is a writer for a tabloid magazine & she's on assignment at an invite only BDSM club. She's trying to get the scoop on anyone famous that goes there. Even though she doesn't feel comfortable writing the article she goes along with it anyways as a way to pay the bills. While she's getting the tour of the club she needs to act like she's a newbie to the scene and not a reporter fishing for a story since anonymity is a major rule of the club. 

Adrian Cayne is not only a neurosurgeon, he's also a Master Dom. He's one of the dom's at the club but he's been away from the scene for a few months. Since he was busy finishing up his residency & his last sub had caused some issues for him, he thought it was best to just focus on work. When a mutual friend arranges for Adrian to give Emma a tour of the club he wasn't prepared to be attracted to her or for him to want to train her as his sub. They hit it off really well and everything seems to be smooth sailing till an article comes out about the club with Adrian being front and center of the cover story. That's when Adrian finds out that Emma works for the magazine because her name was printed as the author. Even though she didn't write the story. Needless to say Adrian wasn't to happy & there was some fallout to both Emma & Adrian.

This was a super quick, cute, and steamy read. Both the characters are likable & the plot isn't bad either. If you're looking for something thats quick & wicked hot and steamy to read than I recommend Summer Sins.