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Hmm...where don't even start. I wanted to like this quickie because it sounded pretty good & the cover is hot. You figure hot cover, hot & steamy book. Nope. That wasn't case here. The 1 sex scene was mediocre at best. I can't take a sex scene seriously when the heroine says something like, 'I felt him shoot his warm seed into my body...' I hate when authors use the word seed instead of cum. If you're only going to have one sex scene, at least make it good. Also, the characters were extremely one dimensional. No substance to them at all but, how can they with a 30 page quickie. I usually don't mind quickies but, this seems like the kind of story that needs maybe a novel to get the reader invested. The length of a novella would even do. After reading the 1st page I knew where this was going. It was very predictable. 

Cheyenne is the heroine and she comes from a very wealthy ranching family. Her life has been planned out for her down to who she's going to marry. She tells her dad that she's going up for a girls night at their cabin that's on their property. Only, she's really planning on meeting Colin the guy she's supposedly going to marry. Luke who she has a crush on & is also one of the ranch hands is the one who's going to be taking her to the cabin. Only a major snowstorm is on it's way (see where I'm going with this). Needless to say Luke doesn't make it back to the ranch & Colin doesn't make it to the cabin because of the snowstorm. So, Cheyenne & Luke are now stuck with one another until someone rescues them. 

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this quickie. If you do read it I recommend that you wait till the series is over because this does end on a supposed cliffie. It wasn't a major one though & unless there's a wicked major twist somewhere down the line, I can pretty much guess what's going to happen.