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Blood Stained Tranquility: A Szolite Novel (The Rise of the Szolites) - N. Isabelle Blanco

Holy Crap I loved this book & I love this series! Blood Stained Tranquility is the 2nd book in the Szolites series. This book focus' on Zenial, the God of Tranquility who's also the God of Vengeance & Evesse whom we meet in the 1st book. 

Evesse is coming to terms with her new immortal state and powers that she just recently acquired. Being mated to Zenial isn't really helping her mental state either or his for that mater. While they both try to overcome some obstacles they come to terms with being mated to one another. Which isn't all fun and games for either of them. 

This book had it all going on. Sex...wicked HOT sex, adventure, drama, love & even some UST (unresolved sexual tension).Have I mentioned the hot sex yet?! Zenial is a hot alpha male that happens to also be a god. Here's some of my favorite lines from the book... 

he was a god and a war demon-a creature made to fuck.

He grabbed her chin, forcing her head into the pillow. "I'm going to drink you dry.Lick you till you come all over my face. I have to." Oh. Oh, that sounded like heaven. It did. But she needed that pole he had going on between his legs more than she needed anything else.

"COme for me again Evesse." He opened his eyes and leaned back enough to rub his chin across her clit. "Cover me in it." His shoulder and bicep flexed as he stroked his dick.

Zenial & Evesse don't have slow passionate sex. They have passionate fucking. Holy Hell, when these 2 fuck they do it good & they do it hard! 

This book was so well written. Every plot line & character had a purpose & had substance. There was no unnecessary plot filler or dialogue. I think when there's a lot going on in a book there's a lot thats just there for the sake of it. That's so not the case with this book. This book was so well written that you absorbed every word. I'll be eagerly awaiting for the 3rd book in this series.!!!