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I'm waffling between 3.5 & 4 stars. A Sip of You is the 2nd book in the Epicurean Series. You do need to read the 1st book (A Taste of You) before you read this book. I love this series and I liked this book but, I didn't find it to be as good as the first book. I found that I didn't love Cat so much in this book. If she was a real person I would've slapped her. I found her to be annoying, whiney, a little selfish, jealous & I didn't like that she'd cower to William so much. At the same time, I totally understand why she was that way. It was just so frustrating to read at times. 
As Hot as William is I had some issues with him too. I thought he could've been more open & honest with Cat about everything. He wanted her to trust him but, he should've trusted that she could've handled whatever it was that he needed to tell her. Trust is a 2 way street. 
I can say when these 2 get together they do have scorching hot sex! 
There was also some unnecessary drama that I could've done without. Like the whole Jeremy (Cat's ex brother in law) plot line. I found that whole storyline to be filler. I didn't see a need for it. When Cat & William did finally get all their shit together, I loved them again. We did get to meet a new hot, sexy, tatted up chef named Hutch Morrison. I can tell he's going to be a fun one! He may give William a run for his money! Hopefully we'll see a lot more of him in the next book. 
Of course this book ended on a huge cliffie, so I can't wait for the next book! Even though this book wasn't my favorite out of the 2 so far, I'd still recommend it. This series is good, all the characters are fabulous, & I have a feeling the 3rd book will be awesome.