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Loving Me, Trusting You  - C.M. Stunich

Loving Me, Trusting You is Gaine & Mireya's story. Gaine has been in love with Mireya for the past 7 years but, she's only ever been interested in Austin (who's now with Amy book #1). But now that Austin is with Amy, Gaine is holding out hope that Mireya will now take a chance on him. 

This book is ok. I didn't like it as much as I liked the first book in this series. I found it to be a bit repetitive with the dialogue between Gaine & Mireya. After awhile, I found Mireya to be annoying. Her back and forth over wanting/not wanting Gaine became tiresome. I mean she knew that he was in love with her yet, she continued to play with his emotions. It drove me crazy. At the same time Gaine who's supposed to be this badass biker with tattoo's, became a pussy. I felt like he was so desperate for Mireya that he just kept letting her walk all over him. Even after the many times she told him that she didn't want him & played with his heartstrings, he still chased her like a lost puppy. 

At about the 80% into this book I was getting bored & had enough of the back and forth shit between these 2. I skimmed the last 20% of this book because I was getting bored & was ready for this story to be done. I will say though that the sex between Gaine & Mireya was wicked hot and steamy. Those 2 screw like rabbits. Also, the plot that was there wasn't that bad either. 

I still like this series and will continue to read it. In fact I'm looking forward to the next book and also I'd love to see what happens to Amy's friend Chrissy.