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City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare

Hmm...I have many mixed emotions on this book. First I'll say, the only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is bc I felt like at times, it was to long winded. Also, this series is one of my favorite YA series. With that said, I though this book was very anti-climatic. For it being the last book in the series I was expecting more from it. There was so much information & character story lines that at times it was a little overwhelming. Granted, it needed to be in there where it's the last book & things needed to be tied up, but it was just so much thrown at you. I am thankful that she didn't pull a Veronica Roth & kill anyone major off. I was very pleased by that! Also, Jace *swoon* how can you not love him. He is one of my top 2 book boyfriends. There was actually a lot that I did really like. For example, I loved all the character dynamics & the developments of all the characters. I loved how things played out between Magnus Bane & Alec. I also liked how things played out for Simon. The growth between Jace & Clary (from the 1st book till now) was pretty great. They really matured not only as a couple but as individuals. If you've read the Infernal Devises trilogy then you'll recognize some of the characters so it was nice seeing them. City of Heavenly Fire also set up the next series with some of the younger characters. It made me excited for it. I'm hoping we get to see some of the characters we love from this series make an appearance.