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I consider myself to be a professional reader that can sometimes be a bit snarky. I'm a tattoo'd, yoga pants wearing, mom of 2 boys.

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Jade is a young widow & Her husband was a US Marshal that died in the line of duty. David is Jades best friend who also happened to be her husbands bff. David has loved Jade for years (even while she was married to his bff). After 2 years of being alone Jade is ready to date & be with a man again. David realizes now that she's ready, now is his time to make a move. Once he makes it known to Jade what his intentions are, she freaks but only after they make out. It's not only till Jade's life is in danger that she realizes that David is the one for her. 



This was very short, quick book that only took me a couple of hours to read. I couldn't decide between 1 or 2 stars so I settled on the 2. I found this book to be boring. Even with the so called drama & excitement, it was still boring. I couldn't connect with the characters & I found myself not caring about them one way or another. I even found myself skimming over the sex scenes bc they were just meh. The main (& secondary) characters aren't all that memorable & the author had some blurb of a short, secondary, subplot going on that was just so irrelevant & not necessary (it was about the heroine's sister & her husband). It brought absolutely nothing to the main story at all.