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Red & Wolfe, Part I: An Erotic Fairy Tale - Ella James

Holy *fans self* Crap...this was hot! I have to say I was hesitant on reading this. This is the 2nd book I've read by this author & I didn't like the 1st book I that I did read. I'm so glad I did read this though! This only took me maybe 90 mins to read, if that. I'm thinking this is a serial (which I'm not a fan of) bc it abruptly ended & this was only part 1.

This is about a girl named Red (sarah Ryder) who just recently got laid off from her job & now she's struggling to make ends meet. Her mother passed away & the only family she has left is her estranged grandmother. Who also happens to be a famous poet. Red reaches out to her grandmother not only for help but, she also wants to get to know her. To Red's surprise her grandmother emails for her to visit & puts 30k in her bank account. Needless to say Red was overjoyed so she bought a cheap car & is heading out to visit her estranged grandmother.

When Red gets to her grandmothers island which is in Charleston, she is in for a surprise. A hot guy calling himself 'Race' (who's really Wolfe) says he's her grandmothers assistant & informs Red that her grandmother died earlier that week. But Wolfe needs Red's help in helping him inherit the island. The island that is technically Red's.

This is where things get hot & heavy. They both are instantly attracted to one another but Red thinks he's an asshole bc of how he lied to get her there. They both get pretty handsy (pun intended if you read this) on the boat on the way to the island. I'm not usually one who likes the insta-'I want you yet I hate you but I have to have you right this second' relationship. It works here though. Also, the writing was really good. The storyline seems like an intestine one so I'm looking forward to reading part 2. I just really hope there's not like 10 parts to this series. Other than that, this is totally worth the read.