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WOW....I don't even know where to begin with this review. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. There are no words adequate enough to describe just how much I loved this book. The Club Sin series is one of my favorite series. I knew that because I loved Claimed & Bared that I would also love Desired. With that said, I went into this book with somewhat high expectations. So, to say that Desired not only went above & beyond my expectations is an understatement. This book is so thoughtfully & well written. The BDSM genre can be a tough genre to write but, Stacey Kennedy hits the nail on the head every time. She does a fantastic job of not only portraying the lifestyle, but also getting the emotions of the characters to jump off the pages.


Desired brings us Master Kyler's story. Kyler is not only a Master Dom at Club Sin but, he's also a cop. Watching all of his friends (and fellow Master's) find love he's been wondering if he's ever going to find that special someone. So when he locks eyes with a girl at Aiden & Cora's wedding he feels this indescribable pull towards her. Aiden notices how Kyler is looking at her & lets him know her name is Ella and that she works for him. Aiden also lets Kyler know that he see's her as his little sister so he needs to do right by her. Kyler knows there's something about her that's pulling him towards her so he can't stay away. So he goes over to her and asks her to dance. At first she was hesitant but, eventually she agrees. She knows there's something about him that makes her want to be around him. While they're dancing Kyler can see the torment of something in her eyes. He wants to be the man that makes that look go away.


Ella has come to Vegas by way of Savannah. She's just coming out of a long term & serious relationship that's left her not only heartbroken, but also battered & bruised. Inside and Out. She doesn't want another relationship not only because she's not really ready for one but, she's afraid to open herself up. She doesn't want anyone knowing about her past. She wants to not only deal with it on her own, she doesn't want anyone to know what she went through. So, when she locks eyes with Kyler, she can't help but also feel pulled to him. With her new life moto of 'live like you only have 6 months to live' she throws caution to the wind & takes a chance on him. Ella explains to him that she's just getting out of a serious relationship so she's not looking for one now. She agrees to the one night of no strings attached fun. Kyler knowing that she's vanilla see's some submissive qualities in her. Especially after their wicked hot one night stand. They both now know that after that one night that nothing will ever be the same for them.


This book is so much more than just the hot sex & let me tell you there is A LOT of hot sex! Like thigh clenching hot sex. There's this passionate, beautiful, loving relationship that unfolds between Kyler & Ella. He's not only patient with her but he's mindful about what she went through in her past and helps her emotionally confront it. Especially when her past comes comes crashing down on her.


What I love about Stacey Kennedy is that she writes these strong confident women that happen to belong in this awesome BDSM community that she's created. You end up feeling emotionally attached to these characters that they almost feel like friends. I love stepping into the Club Sin world because I know a) I'm going to love it & b) where you end up knowing these characters as you read each book, they become familiar to you so you want to know what happens to them all. I highly recommend Desired as well as the Club Sin series. I do suggest that you read them in order. You don't have to but, in my opinion it'll make a difference in how the characters & even the stories are portrayed.