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I'm very up in the air on how I feel about this book. I really liked it & enjoyed reading it, but I didn't love it. Where this is a Ruthie Knox book the writing was wicked good and the story telling was spectacular. I didn't expecting anything less. I know that when I read one of her books I can always count on a great story with real characters, that we the reader can relate to. That's the case with Truly. The heroine May was full of self doubt, lacked the self confidence, questioned her looks, and she judged herself. As a woman, I can totally relate to that. I think most of us can. As I was reading this book I started to think that this was a book about fat shaming one self. Even though the heroine wasn't fat. Then the more I got into the book & the more I read it, I realized that it's about finding your true self, accepting you who are & realizing that you're good enough just the way you are no matter your body type.


May just broke up with her NFL QB boyfriend of 4 years. She stabbed him in the hand with a shrimp fork after a very public & humiliating proposal which has gone viral. When she leaves their apartment she gets mugged by a reporter who she thought was security. May ends up in a bar alone, confused & hurt with no money, ID, cell phone or anything. That's where she meets Ben. He's just sitting at the bar looking all surly with a book waiting for a friend. Even though he's giving off the 'stay the fuck away from me' vibe, May still goes up to him and introduces herself. She's hoping he'll buy her a drink while she figures out her next step. To her surprise not only does he buy her that drink, he helps her out. He let's her stay with him, use his cell phone to contact her family & he even loans her money to buy clothes or whatever else she needs. His only stipulation was that he gets to show her around NYC & to show her that she can love NYC. Kinda like a mini vacation before she has to go home for her sisters wedding.


Ben is just coming off of a nasty divorce. His ex-wife paid him off so she could keep their restaurant, the cookbook that he wrote but, has her name on it & that he can't open up another restaurant for 2 years. All that has made him bitter and angry. So for now he's just keeping some rooftop gardens, filling in as a chef for friends restaurants & maintaining beehives all over the city. Yup, sexy Ben is a bee keeper. He sells the honey at the local farmers market & he may try to seduce May with his honey. May see's through all of Ben's bullshit though. She makes him question if he really wants to be a chef where he doesn't quite love it anymore & she makes him want to try to be better. Ben on the other hand is showing May just how awesome she really is. He makes her feel sexy & confidant regardless of her size or how tall she is. He sees the true May. Ben helps her discover her true self.


Here's why I'm up in the air over this book. I didn't feel any emotional connection between the characters. I liked Ben & May but, I didn't feel anything either way for them. I started to get annoyed with how many times May would put herself down. She would always say that she was to tall or her thighs were like anacondas, that her feet were to big or she had a few rolls. Granted there was a reason for all of that (which you'll have to read to find out). Also, the progression of just how fast these 2 fell in love didn't work for me. May just broke up with her long term boyfriend (who was a public figure) & she falls in love with Ben within a week. I also found the wicked hot sexy sex to be a smidge awkward. I was almost embarrassed for May. I'm thinking we were supposed to be though. With all of that said....those are the same reasons why I liked the book. I loved how May was a real person & how Ben treated her. Plain & simple, Ben was just wicked sweet towards her. He treated her with respect & loved her for who she was. Belly rolls and all. The sex...all I'll say is that it was so hot & yet sweet at the same time. I really did like Ben & May as a couple. They got one another & they made each other the best version of themselves they could be. Lastly, like I said earlier, the storyline was spectacular. Ruthie Knox did a beautiful & thoughtful job writing this book. I'll probably be thinking of this book for days to come!