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Thank Goodness Addicted takes place right where Ruined left off. Chloe answers Ethan's door and who's standing there but, Brandon Jacobs. The man who raped Chloe than proceeded to make her life a living hell. He also happens to be Ethan's 1/2 brother. (Which at the end of Ruined Ethan just found out what his brother did.)


So, because Ethan & Brandon's family is very high powered, Chloe has a hard time understanding & trusting Ethan. Their relationship is tested & put through the ringer. She finds out some pretty major secret's than Ethan has been keeping from her. She begins to question not only Ethan, but if she can really be with him with everything that's happened. They deeply love each other but, will their love be enough to help them get through this extremely difficult & trying time?


This book made me feel so many emotions. I had an emotional connection to Chloe that my heart broke at times right along with hers. Ethan & Chloe's relationship didn't come without it's struggles but, for what they were going through & how they dealt with it, was natural to them & their relationship. 


I can't not mention how HOT these 2 are when they get together. Ethan is a sexy, alpha male and he makes sure that his woman is pleasured...A LOT! 


This is the 4th book I've read by Tracey Wolff now & I've loved every book so far. I know that when I read one of her books thatI'm going love it & that I'll be up all night reading it. She's become one of my go to authors.