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Grrrrr.....this is why I don't do serials! They suck you in, make you fall in love with the characters & then it's over. You're left with a cliffhanger wanting & craving more until the next part is out.

I also find reviewing serials to be kinda hard. Where they're only a few chapters long, you don't want to say anything that'll give anything away.

Of course this takes place right where Part 1 left off. In a nutshell, Bash is in jail for protecting Olivia form her ex, Olivia is trying to scramble to get money to help bail Bash out & then some, Bash made a deal with the devil to not only help his brother out but, also to not burden Olivia. Oh & thrown in all that madness, Bash & Olivia have some hot sexy times! Phew, get all that?!


Christine Bell does a fantastic job of sucking you in & making you fall in love with her characters. While at the same time writing a story that's not only well written but, also entertaining, raw & gritty. I love it! I NEED part 3 now!!!