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I keep going back & forth with how I feel about this book. I loved the hero & heroine but, I couldn't really get all that into the storyline. I found the storyline to just be okay. I think it's because this read more like a mafia book than a gang book. This is the 3rd book in the Associates series. It's also the only book in the series that I've read. Maybe that has something to do with my lack of love for the storyline. 


Nadia is the daughter of one of the most notorious & dangerous gang leaders. She loved living the lifestyle of pampered gang daughter, adored her father & loved the perks that it came with. It all came crashing down though when she got pregnant & her father died. She ended up finding out some secrets that her father was keeping from her & it changed her perspective on how she viewed him. Also, becoming a mother has drastically changed her ways. She was now on a mission to make things right.


Thorne was Nadia's father's 2nd in command. He's had a rough upbringing & is now on a mission of vengeance. He's trying to work his way up the ladder & earn the trust of some of the hardest gang members. All so that he can take them out. Thorne is one badass, HOT as Hell, rough & raw, sexual beast. Except not all is what it seems with Thorne. 


Nadia & Thorne have a long history together. One that's not all that pretty either. Thorne doesn't think he's good enough for Nadia & doesn't think he deserves her. So, he plays this game with her where he makes her degrade him. He knows that she'll play along because it turns them both on so much. He justifies it by telling her that he was raised by scorpions. Now, after 2 years of not seeing her they still have this amazing sexual chemistry. He see's the changes in Nadia's life now that she's a mother. He's see's that she'll do anything to protect her son. Even keeping her son a secret from Thorne. The head of Thorne's new gang quickly figured out that Thorne is the father of Nadia's son & uses that information as leverage. 


Even though I wasn't all that into the storyline, I still enjoyed the book. Thorne & Nadia were wicked, wicked, wicked HOT together! Maybe one of the hottest couples I've read. They are raw, dirty & mean yet, passionate, loyal & loving towards one another. 


This was my 1st book by Carolyn Crane. I'll probably at some point go back & read the other 2 books. Especially if the characters are as hot & heavy as Nadia & Thorne. Maybe with reading the other books in this series it'll give me a better perspective on this storyline.