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I loathed this book. I've actually been debating for a few days if I even wanted to review it because, I just don't want to spend more time on this book if I have to. Plus, I'd most likely word vomit on all the 'why's' I hated this book so much. With that said, this isn't going to be your typical book review. Why? Here let me tell you why. This usually would be the part that I would give you some insight on the plot of the book & the characters except, there was absolutely NO plot to this book. Literally NO plot. This book was 20 something chapters of just sex. IT wasn't even good, hot sex either. It was cringe worthy, awkward sex. These 2 characters felt so forced when they were together that I skipped a lot of their sexual encounters. Speaking of sexual encounters, it wasn't only cringe worthy between Emma & Drew (heroine & hero) but, once they added Drew's best friend Toby, it was unbearable. Worst menage in a book ever. It was all just so unsexy, awkward, not hot, and it seemed really forced. Now, mind you I don't mind books that have lots of sex but, when it's not good sex then forget about it. 


So, Drew's a cop & he meets Emma by pulling her over for speeding. Once he hands her a ticket they literally start fucking because she has this magical necklace that somehow let's him know that she's a sub. Yup, Emma bought herself a super necklace that somehow lets these men know that she's into bdsm & that she's a sub. This friggin necklace isn't explained for some time into the book either. So, the whole time you're reading & this necklace keeps being brought up (and because she wasn't collared by a Dom) you're thinking "if she wasn't collared by a dom how do all these people know what this necklace means? does it say "hey I'm a sub looking for a Dom?" So Emma technically collared herself. Which I guess is kinda funny & sad. This necklace should've been explained the moment it was brought up, like maybe in the beginning of the book. I also didn't understand why Emma & Drew were so concerned about people finding out about their kinky sex life. Were they going to be going around telling people? It's no one else's business what they do in the bedroom. They were afraid to commit to each other because they were afraid people would find out about their kinky fuckery & that Drew would lose his job as a cop (if he were to lose his job it should be over how fucked Emma the moment he handed her that ticket). That was the focal point of their non relationship, relationship. It became annoying really quickly. Also, Emma whining about how she was moving back to Cali became wicked annoying too. In conclusion, this book sucked. There was no plot, the characters were highly unlikable, the writing wasn't all that great and the sexiness was zero.