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This was a really quick book to read. It was cute yet predictable. I did get annoyed with the heroine Lizzie at time because she whined about her looks a lot. At the same time though, I found her to be somewhat relatable because she has the same body issues that most women have. Decker was your typical bad boy, tatted up, alpha  ex-con, hero, who's been in love with Lizze since high school. Except Lizzie is to blind to see it. 


Decker & Lizzie  both  have a rough history together. Neither one had a good home life & one night changed their lives forever. Lizzie got herself in trouble & decker saved her life. Saving her life through got him 10 years in jail. She's always felt guilty over it and of course Decker has no regrets over it. 


The chemisty between lizzie & Decker wasn't the hottest  I've read but, it also wasn't the worst. Although, Decker is a hot alpha make that knows how to rough talk while taking his woman. He knows just what to say to get Lizzie all hot & bothered. I just wasn't feeling that 1 sexual interaction between them. I would've liked to seen at least another interaction between them after the 'I love you's' we're said.