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There are books that you read & when you're finished reading them you move on and think "I really enjoyed that book"and you move onto the next book. Then once and a while a book comes along that consumes you & when you're finished reading you think to yourself "Wow, what just happened?" You end up with a book hangover the size of New York and you can't stop thinking about said book for days. That's what happened when I finished reading Control. I finished it a few days ago and I'm still thinking about this book. It's even taking me a few days just to write this review because I can't articulate just how much I loved this book. I'm afraid I won't do this book the justice it deserves with my words. It's also not all to often that I feel the emotions of the main characters Ella (aka Julie) & Liam. Yet, I felt and connected with these 2 characters. They take you on an emotional heartbreaking journey & you really want to root for them to make it and hope that they overcome their obstacles. 

Ella (aka Julie) is working at a Walmart in some po-dunk town. She's living under a new identity because she's running from an abusive husband. She was used to living the life of luxury and now she's struggling to make ends meet. While at the same time trying to save enough money to move on to the next town. While at work she meets a stranger who's passing through town. He orders some lunch & jokingly asks for some fancy type of mustard knowing that she wouldn't have it. Ella/Julie surprised him though by offering to get him some of Walmart's fanciest Dijon mustard. He was taken back by that kind gesture & wanted to leaver her a nice tip but, she waved it off. When she did that, that also peaked Liam's interest. Liam also ignited something inside of Ella/Julie.

Liam Stone is a self made playboy billionaire and every one knows who he is. Except he's not your average run of the mill playboy billionaire. He doesn't do girlfriends or commitments and the way he 'chooses' his woman is of a different nature. The way he does everything is in his control. He's now stuck in this little town while his jet is being repaired. He knows that no one will recognize who he is so he can be more of himself. When he notices Ella/Julie & her kindness it makes him wonder. He runs into Ella/Julie later that night at the local bar. She's a bit tipsy to say the least & doesn't recognize who he is. They leave the bar together & they start to make out but, she has a flashback, freaks out, then tries to run away from Liam. So, he takes her back to his crappy motel room and takes care of her. He realizes then that he'll do whatever it takes to have & to help Ella/Julie. He knows that she's experienced some trauma in her past by the way she presents herself and he feels the need to protect her. Liam also likes that she doesn't care that he has money. Although at first she doesn't know he has any. She associates having money with abuse. Liam isn't without his own issues though. He's had a rough past with an emotionally abusive father which led to a rough home life. Which not only affected him but also his mother. So, in a way he feels the need to fix broken women. Ella/Julie changes that in him though.

Liam makes Ella/Julie feel safe enough that she told him her real name, Ella. Even though everyone in her new life knows her as Julie. Where Liam is only in town for a few days & he wants Ella wicked bad, he does things to try to woo her. It's not really working though because she's rejected him & that stuns him. He's never been rejected so that turns him on even more. Knowing that he has to leave and he doesn't want to give up on Ella, he makes her an offer. An insane offer that'll make you drop you jaw to the floor. She struggles with if she should accept the offer or not. She knows if she does it'll get her further away from the husband she's running from.

Like I said I loved this book. I love the duel POV's and how some chapters are as Ella & some are as Julie. It may sound confusing, but it's not. Liam is the only one who knows the real her. I loved these 2 as a couple & how they both help one another try to heal. I also liked that Ella doesn't want to give up her control on her life. The writing was excellent and the storyline was awesome. There were so many times that I didn't see certain things coming. This book kept me on edge and took me for an emotional ride. Control is one of those books that I wish I could read and experience for the 1st time (there's only 1 other book series I fell that way about). I can't wait now for the next book in this series!