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Bloodlines - Richelle Mead

Even though I didn't think this was as good as Vampire Academy, I still really enjoyed it. I liked that we got to see some reoccurring characters from the VA series (there's a few characters that make an appearance). I mean, aren't most of us reading this because of the swoon worthy Adrian Ivashkov anyways?! Who of course was as sarcastic & witty just like in VA. Bloodlines was a solid book but, you don't get that Rose personality that made the VA series so great. We have Sydney, the Alchemist & I found her to have a dry personality but, it suits her. I'm hoping though that she lightens up throughout the series. I did enjoy the storyline of how Sydney has to help protect Lissa's sister Jill & the challenges and obstacles that she has to face because of that. I also think that with Sydney working so closely with Adrian, Jill & Eddie, her outlook on the vampires, dhampires & magic, will change her view on everything. My favorite part of the whole book though, was when Dmitri made his appearance at the end. Which is going to be interesting considering how Adrian feels about him. What Bloodlines did was set up the series for the rest of the books. Which sounds like it's going to be a really fun, interesting & enjoyable series.