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This book was ok. The hero was hot & sexy but, I feel like he could've been more of an alpha male. Especially where he was a badass fighter. Mina our heroine was ok. She kinda got on my nerves a little bit with how insecure she was. Always talking about how plain or undeserving she was. That's all she ever talked about & when Tyler (the hero) was into her & fell in love with her, she couldn't grasp the concept of someone hot liking her. Also, the big reveal of what happened in his & her past was just meh. This book had some pretty hot sex scenes between these 2 & Tyler is a dirty talker which was hot. He was also very sweet to Mina & helped her see herself through his eyes. This book was also a quick read with no cliffhanger, which thank goodness for that! Where this was a quick book to read, it did lack some depth & character development. Altogether it wasn't a bad & had some very hot scenes in it!