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Blood Ecstasy - Tessa Dawn

It kills me to say this but, I was really disappointed in this book. I've loved this series so far & I've even come to terms with the lack of sexy times because the story telling has been good. This book though I got bored with & couldn't wait to be finished with it just to be done. I couldn't get on board with the characters. I didn't like Rebecca or her personality. I thought she was a one dimensional character. Julien is supposed to be this badass, alpha, warrior vampire. I didn't find him to be. He had SO SO SO much potential to badass & sexy yet, he wasn't. I first fell in love with this series because I thought it was such a unique & different take on pnr & vampires. Those reasons felt lost in this installment. I also feel like this series needs more sex appeal. These are badass, (supposedly) sexy, dominant, alpha vampires. I want to see more of the sex, more of the dominance & more conflict between the Dark Ones & Light Ones. This is now starting to come off as a YA book series.

Burn Down the Night - Molly O'Keefe

I love this series but, this book didn't quite do it for me. This is Max & Joan's book. We met them both in the first 2 books. Joan is a stripper at a hardcore, rough strip club that's run buy a biker gang. Max is Dylan's brother who's the leader of said biker gang even though he wants out. So, Joan used to be part of a commune run by the sadistic monster Lagan. He happens to have Joan's sister as one of his sister wives. Joan wants to get her sister back but, when she left the commune, Lagan moved it so she couldn't ever find it. Because she can't find the commune she goes back to the strip club to fuck shit up knowing that Lagan is there. She sets off a few bombs & Max gets shot in the process by a fellow biker member. Joan kidnaps Max & takes him to her Aunts over 50 condo complex to recoup. While there Joan tried to get Max's help because she knows that's the only way she can help her sister. Max has 'business' dealings with Lagan so Joan is banking on Lagan contacting Max.


I couldn't connect with the characters & I didn't really love Joan. I hate to say but, I liked her better as a secondary character in the other books. I couldn't really grasp her thought process of making decisions. Her personality was also a bit to hard for me. Yet, I kinda get why she is the way she is. There's this one scene that involved Max, Joan & another woman (that Joan picked up out of the blue) that was unnecessary. HOT but completely unnecessary. It didn't add anything of substance to the story being told. I did love Max. How could you not?! He's a total bad boy badass that has tattoos, talks dirty, likes it dirty & rough but, is also sweet when he needs to be.


In complete honesty, there were times in this book that I was bored. I would just skim a little here & there. It wasn't until about the 75% mark that it really started to get good. I thought it could've been a little darker, more story on Lagan & his commune that held Jennifer (Joan's sister). I loved the epilogue & thought it left an opening for more books in this series. I'm really hoping for Blake's book next!

Ignite Me (Shatter Me) by Mafi, Tahereh(December 30, 2014) Paperback - Tahereh Mafi

Warner is the only reason why this book got a high rating. He was the only reason why I remotely liked this series. In this book they were gearing up & training for this huge fight against Warner & Adams father & the Reestablishment was so anticlimactic. I Mean this whole book was about this war they needed to fight & get ready for & it wasn't even a war. When I was younger, I had fights with my sister that were better than this. The last 25% of this book felt so rushed. Almost like the author didn't know how to end it. And holy crap, Juliette finally made a decision between Adam & Warner. Thank god she chose Warner. Adam was the worst in this book. I'm one of the very few who didn't love this series. I barely liked it. I would read a book on Kenji though. He was funny as hell.

By Tahereh Mafi - Unravel Me (Shatter Me) (12.1.2013) - Tahereh Mafi

Warner is the only saving grace with this book. I hate how Juliette was treating him & I hate how she kept leading him on. The love triangle is unnecessary, Juliette just needs to make a decision which she's not capable of doing. I just don't like her. I'm so disappointed that I'm not liking this book series that's been so hyped up. 

Unite Me - Tahereh Mafi

This little novella made me dislike Adam. I wasn't loving him to begin off with but, this made it easier for me not to like him. I understand why he chose his brother over Juliette. He should have. I just don't like how he was all nonchalant about her missing.

Reading progress update: I've read 54 out of 461 pages.

By Tahereh Mafi - Unravel Me (Shatter Me) (12.1.2013) - Tahereh Mafi

Hmm.....this series is like X-Men. Juliette is Rogue, Castle is Professor Xavier, Omega Point is the mutant school he runs, while they all hone their skills while hiding from the outside. 

Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi

This little novella helped me understand Warner so much better. I mean I knew he had daddy issues but, he has some other issues too that's going on with him right now. I don't think he's the bad guy that he's made out to be. Even though he's the leader of his sector & he got the job from his father, I don't think he had a choice. It's his way of survival. I'm kinda rooting for him now. I still like Adam & I think he truly does have feeling for Juliette. He was just ther first for her when she desperately needed someone. I also think Warner & Adam are both going to or already are using her for their own agendas. I guess we'll see though. 

Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi

I didn't love this book like everyone else did. I enjoyed it & really liked it. I just didn't LOVE it. There was SO MUCH hype about this book (& series) that I was expecting this huge epic, thrilling, exciting book with this major love story. My expectations were not met & the love story was just meh. In full disclosure, I didn't really know much about this book or storyline. Just that everyone who's read it loved it & that it saturated social media. I have to be honest, I got a little bored halfway through. I didn't feel anything for the characters, the storyline was somewhat unique but I was expecting more, the 'love' was not that epic or great. If I could describe it as bland, I would. Now, don't get me wrong I really did enjoy this book & it was beautifully written. It just wasn't my favorite. I'm looking forward to see what happens & how things play out.

Moto - M. Never

Oh wow. This book took me on an ride (pun intended)! It was so sexy, HOT AF, beautiful & emotional! Let me tell you, M Never knows how to write a sexy AF book that also has a beautiful, emotional story line.

Shameless - Gina L. Maxwell

*Fans Self* this book was just pure adulterated smutty goodness with a side of swoon! 

Sordid  - Nikki Sloane

So, I LOVED this book but at the same time I have mixed feelings on it. It is a 'dark romance' but, I don't think it's that dark & I've read darker. Let me give you a little backstory on what intrigued me on this book since this is the first book I've read from this author. So, I saw on a book group on Facebook that Amazon banned this book due to sexual content. So of course I'm all 'that's a book I want to read.' Lol. Plus, I didn't like that Amazon was banning this book due to strong sexual content. I wanted to show some support for this author so I bought this book from another retailer, who was more than willing to take my money for this book. Besides, I do love a good dark romance & the book did sound like a book I would love when I read the synopsis. Now, onto my review...


Addison Drake is a pre-med student. She's an extreme introvert & doesn't make friends easily. she's looking to reinvent herself so, a Halloween party at a frat house with her roommate was the perfect place to start. While she's at this party she see's Luka, the TA from one of her classes & the guy she's been lusting over for 2 years. Little did she know, the feeling was very mutual but, neither one had acted on it till now. They end up playing a blackjack drinking game & then end up in one of the rooms at the frat house. They start making out & getting really into it. Addison is very on board with what's going on & when she tells Luka that she's a virgin, he just looses it & gets wicked turned on even more. He's extatic that's he's her first in a few things. So, they're getting all hot & heavy & Addison starts panicking a little bit because she doesn't want to have sex yet. Luka is so far gone though that he doesn't hear her say no at first. Then he comes up with a cheesy one liner to manipulate her. Like it doesn't count if he's not all the way in her. Addison stopped trying to fight him & knew she was being raped but, at the same time she was enjoying it. When everything is said & done, Addison tells Luka how he raped her & he brings her home. Except, she wakes up not at her dorm but in his bed at his house. Luka asks her is she remembers what happened & of course she does (which was surprising to Luka). That's when Luka tells Addison, you're staying here, I'm in charge & when you can accept all this & be totally submissive to me that's when you'll get your freedom. 


Luka & Addison didn't have the greatest of starts. In fact lines were blurred & crossed. A lot of things happen while Addison is at Lukas house with his family. What he puts Addsion through at times was for her on protection against his mob father. He protected her the only way her knew how & the only way that would keep his family away from her. Addsion did learn to love him. She even learned to love him on her own terms when he let her go. This book was good. It was semi darkish, VERY VERY HOTTTT, sexy, emotional & thrilling. It was fast paced & you got attached to these characters. You're rooting for them. You don't want to like Luka but, when you realize his intentions were in the right place you love him. He's the alpha, dominant, anti hero that you love. 


My only complaint, I wanted more story. More of Luka's background. He's so intriguing & his family is intriguing, I wanted more. I wanted more of his family dynamic. There's so much that left you questioning Luka, his brother, father & uncle. It was briefly touched upon but I wanted more. This book wasn't as dark as I was expecting but, I still enjoyed it!



Surrender to You: An At Your Service Novel - Shawntelle Madison

I just can't anymore with this book. I gave it the good college try though. The heroine Carlie, there's just something about her that I can't stand. I don't know if it's because every other sentence out of her mouth is a reminder that she has celiac disease. She acts like it's a death sentence. Also, her demeanor is very off putting, I hate how she treats Tomas & she's a selfish friend.
Tomas, the "hero" had potential to be this larger than life alpha, billionaire, hot & sexy guy. I so wanted him to be. Alpha billionaire's are my go to's. So, I was very disappointed in him.
The story telling & writing were severely lacking. It felt like it was all cut & pasted together. It was just all over the place & at some parts I had to stop & reread a few parts over because it wouldn't make sense. Anyways I didn't like this story but, that doesn't mean someone else will.

Beyond Ecstasy (Beyond, Book 8) - Kit Rocha

 I can't believe this series is almost over. I've been looking forward to Hawk & Jeni's story & Beyond Ecstasy did not disappoint! This book had everything. It was hot, sexy, sweet at times & even had a little bit of action. If you've been reading this series, all I'm gonna say is that this book is the start of the war between Eden & the sectors. Especially Sector 4. If you haven't read this series, then what are you waiting for? This book is NOT a standalone. Start with Beyond Shame, it's the first book in this wicked hot dystopian series. I promise you, you'll wish you were an O'Kane after reading.

The Last Star (The 5th Wave) - Rick Yancey

I have SOOOO, SO, SO, SO many mixed feeling & emotions on how things played out. I feel slighted in a way BUT, at the same time I understand how certain things played out the way they did (unlike some other ya books....*hint hint* Allegiant & even Mockingjay). I think I need time to really process what happened & maybe do a reread from book 1 to this book to really grasp what happened & why. I will say that this book & series is extremely well written.




On a separate spoiler note: when did it become the new thing to kill off the heroine & make her a martyr? Especially when it could've easily have been someone more expendable?

Hottest Mess (Stark International) - J. Kenner

I have very mixed feelings on this book (I should say I loved the first book in this series). It's a very taboo book about 'adopted' siblings. The family dynamic can get confusing so, you need to read the first book to even remotely understand what's going on. I think I would've loved (instead of just sorta liked) this book if the author didn't feel the need to reinforce the fact that this is a taboo story. To give a little back story in a nutshell here's what's going on: and yes, I'm going to use bullet points, lol. 

• Dallas & Jane are adopted sibling. Jane's mother married Dallas's father. If I remember correctly Jane was a pre-teen when she became Dallas's 'adopted' sister. 

•Jane's biological father Colin is still in the picture but, he gave up his rights to Jane's mother & Eli, Jane's new father & Dallas's dad.

•Eli isn't Dallas's biological father but he raised him since he was a baby & legally adopted him. 

•Dallas & Jane were kidnapped when they were teenagers. Things happened when they were kidnapped. 

•Jane's biological father Colin is behind the kidnapping & there's a 'mystery' woman involved. I'm also pretty positive I know who the mystery woman is. It's pretty obvious who it is. 

Get it, ok good! 

Now, I love J. Kenner & she's a go to author of mine. I jst felt this book was rushed & sex was used as filler instead of more storyline. I also didn't like how Jane & Dallas called each other 'brother' & 'sister' but also lovers. As taboo as this book is, I actually really do like the characters. I just wish there was a little more substance with the plot & characters. 


On a totally separate note, is taboo the new fad in the romance genre? Having the characters being sorta related but not really?! 



Allure - Nina Lane

I'm absolutely loving this series! I'm kicking myself in the butt for waiting so long to read it!